Highcoin swap

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The Benefits of HighCoin

See What Highcoin Has To Offer


No more lengthy wait times – HighCoin transactions are simple and efficient.


Have complete ownership and control over your finances.


No blacklisting, no tracing, no intermediary required.


Forget power-hungry mining rigs – stake and earn interest

Low Fees

HighCoin improves your savings with .001 transaction fees

Community Driven

As a HighCoin owner, you’re part of a powerful support network

A new Highcoin pre-sale

With the update of the highcoin we will make a new pre-sale to list the new highcoin in new exchanges

pre-sale will start soon

Pre-sale prices

Coins avaible 25000

  • Current Price: 47500sat
  • 5001 - 10000 HIGHT 50000sat (each)
  • 10001 - 15000 HIGHT 52500sat (each)
  • 15001 - 20000 HIGHT 55000sat (each)
  • 20001 - 25000 HIGHT 57500sat (each)

A Wallet Designed to Fill Itself

The backbone of the HighCoin network is the desktop wallet, so we made sure it was easy to use. Setting up your wallet takes minutes, and will encrypt your funds with the highest level of security, and allows you to stake your HighCoin for greater interest rewards over time.

Download Wallet

Easily swap with these sites.

These sites will support the Highcoin swap.

Our Partners

We are pleased to now be official partners of the following staking pools.

Proof-of-Stake Automated & Managed Multicoin Pool

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Roadmap & Timeline

It pays to adopt early, and HighCoin is prepared to scale and adapt. Take a look at what we have planned.

Snapshot and Swap

Q3 2018

To better serve the community the highcoin will make a swap for a new chain.


Q3 2018

The HighCoin website launches to help grow the HighCoin community and provide details and updates on the project.

Exchange Scouting

Q3 2018

New exchanges are being evaluated for the addition of HighCoin, which will help grow the community.

Paper waller

Q4 2018

A new wallet that is Raspberry Pi compatible will help make staking and mining more energy-efficient.

Community Driven Project

HighCoin is an open source community driven project. Anyone is free to help contribute to it's success. Join us on Discord to inquiry about joining our community driven team!

Core Contributors

  • HealKillerCore Developer
  • StefanCommunity Manager
  • pauliep1234Marketing Manager
  • RikzCommunity Manager